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The Museum Store
Visit our museum bookstore and step into the past. Our store proudly offers over 100 titles, all of local historical significance, read about Calistoga, and the Napa Valley, Napa County, and California histories. Our selection of books will take you through the lives of the Native Americans (Wappo and Pomo), the Donner-Reed Party of 1846, and the Gold Rush of 1848 (before, during, and after). The story of Sam Brannan, the builder and developer of Calistoga, and California's first millionaire, and into the year of 1880 when Robert Louis Stevenson, and his new bride, spent the summer in Calistoga in a deserted mining camp, where he scribed Silverado Squatters and continuing into the early part of the twentieth century, scores of titles are available.

And for the children, numerous titles are available, such as "Treasure Island", "A Childs Garden of Verses", "Stories of Young Pioneers - In Their Own Words", "Patty Reeds Doll", "Victorian Days", and many more books describing life for these little pioneers during the 1800's.

Please make a point of visiting Calistoga and The Sharpsteen Museum. You won't regret it!

Museum Store Only

About Ben Sharpsteen

Barbara Neelands
Compiled by Barbara Neelands, this collection of articles answers many questions regarding the founder of the museum, Mr. Ben Sharpsteen. Included you will see photographs of Ben's vision in building the museum, as well as information about his 33 years as an Oscar winning animator and producer for Walt Disney.

Calistoga Days A Coloring Book

Written & Illustrated by Joan Martens
A child's journey through early Calistoga, and the Upper Valley. These pages tell the stories of the Wappo Indians, the pioneer settlers, to the building of Calistoga, and more. The cover design depicts the west side of the main street in Calistoga in 1886.

Looking for the Past in Calistoga

Kent Domogalla
This book is a historical timeline and pictorial guide, beginning in 1697 through 1939. Information of past events relating to Calistoga's history from the Native Americans, the Wappo, (the areas original inhabitants), to the Bear Flag Revolt, to Robert Louis Stevenson's visit in 1880, to the establishment of Calistoga, and more.

Memoirs & Anecdotes of Early Days in Calistoga

I.C. Adams
I.C. Adams was born in 1874, first coming to Calistoga in May of 1882. Although he died in 1960, his memory lives on within these pages. Being one of the best-loved figures in Calistoga history, he was not only a historian, but a musician, philosopher, photographer, poet, and more. This book is both humorous and melancholy, and is exactly what it is titled. These are his stories, his Memoirs and Anecdotes.

They Left Their Mark

They came in droves to climb Mt. St. Helena, to search for gold, silver, and cinnabar, to shoot a wife's lover, to paint land-scapes, to plant and harvest, and to be "in paradise". Famous passages through the wine country, these are their stories, by Joan Parry Dutton. Photo's and illustrations included.

The Brannan Saga

Kay Archuleta
In the mid-1800's,Calistoga's founder, Sam Brannan, California's first millionaire, and excommunicated Mormon Elder, first found his way to what is now Calistoga. This books author, Kay Archuleta, began her research in 1956, and it quickly became a warmly written love affair with the "upper valley" beneath Mount St. Helena. Photographs and illustrations are included.

The Early Upper Napa Valley

Elizabeth Cyrus Wright
Written by Elizabeth Cyrus Wright, this is a personal account of life in Calistoga and the upper Napa Valley during the 1800's. Photographs and remembrances of the early families who helped settle this area, including information of her mother, Lovina Graves, one of the few survivors of the Donner Party.


Images of America - Calistoga

John Waters Jr. with the Sharpsteen Museum
From the road to Calistoga, to a new hometown, longtime newspaper journalist John Waters Jr, has assembled a collection of snapshots and photographs, with synopsis, that provide a living view into the lives of those pioneers whose labors laid the foundation for Calistoga.

Napa Valley's Natives

Richard H. Dillon
To study Napa Valley's vanished natives, the Wappo, the Pomo, and the Patwin, one must search out bits and pieces of information scattered in various sources. This book is the culmination of that information. Learn the way of life, and death, of these early Native Americans. Although the Wappo civilization once counted in the tens of thousands, dating back as much as 7000 years, only about 500 survive today.


The Mexican Land Grants of California

Alton Pryor
An alphabetical description of Mexican land grants of the early 1800's, to the Mexican-American War of 1846, and beyond. Over 500,000 square miles of territory was granted during this time, including Rancho Carne Humana, over 17,000 acres, located in the upper Napa Valley, now called Calistoga. Learn the details of these early settler's land grants, how they were gained, lost, and regained.



A Child's Garden of Verses

Robert Louis Stevenson
Here is a delightful look at 66 poems penned by the author, inspired by his own childhood. Beautifully illustrated.

Lovina's Song

Marian Rudolph
The story of Lovina Graves, an 11 year old survivor of the Donner Party. Lovina ultimately settled in Calistoga, and became an important part of our history.

Pioneer Life from A to Z

Bobbie Kalman
From Apples to Zoetrope, an alphabetical journey through pioneer life from a child's point of view.

Stories of Young Pioneers In Their Own Words
Violet T. Kimball

Among the thousands of American families moving west during the 1800's, almost half were under the age of 18 years old. This book includes excerpts from the actual diaries of some of those young travelers.

The Victorian Home

The Victorian Home Bobbie Kalman

Travel as a child through this beautifully illustrated account and pictorial of life during the Victorian era, 1837 - 1901.


The Silverado Squatters

Robert Louis Stevenson
In the summer of 1880, Robert Louis Stevenson was suffering from a chronic respiratory illness. Due to its mild, dry climate,he and his new wife, Fanny, found their way to Calistoga. While healing at the Hot Springs, and at an old mining camp on top of Mt. St. Helena, he wrote Silverado Squatters. This is his journal of what he saw, the people he met, and how he felt during that time.

The Silverado Squatters in Pictures

Edited by David Duddles - Photography by Craig Duddles
Providing the visual setting through the lens of a camera, this book brings to life the story of the honeymoon of Robert Louis and Fanny Stevenson, in the Napa Valley in 1880. Now for the first time, readers can see what this now famous writer saw when he wrote "Silverado Squatters."

Daughters of the West

Anne Seagraves
From the famous and infamous, to the unsung heroines of the old west - cattle queens, petticoat prisoners, and dedicated schoolmarms- they represented the feminine side of the American Frontier, bringing a woman's touch to an otherwise uncivilized land.

Archaeology of the Donner Party
Donald L. Hardesty
The opening of the California Trail in 1840 launched an episode of emigration unparalleled in American history. Between 1840 and 1860, more than 300,000 people made the journey overland to what is now California. The disaster of the Donner party in 1846-1847 is chronicled here, as well as the results of archaeological research which gives a new insight into that part of history.

Roots of the Present Napa Valley 1900-1950

Lin Weber
Here is American life, with illustrations, in the Napa Valley during the first part of the twentieth century. A journalistic success, this book is augmented by extensive personal interviews with survivors from these decades. From the Calistoga Fire, to the 1906 earthquake, the Napa Valley Railroad, Prohibition and Napa Valley Bootleggers, the rebirth of the wine industry, you will find it all within these pages.

Actual postage must be added to your order and California tax of 7.75% must be added to shipments to California addresses. If you need more information on the books we carry, please call or email us with any questions.

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